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Find learning partners in your courses

We are the study group matching platform for TUM students.

We match you with other motivated students who have similar goals and learning styles, and help you form effective study groups. 

Connect with other students in a personal and intellectual setting, build lasting friendships even in times of the pandemic! 

How does it work

1. Fill

With the quick form below, we get to know you personally and your preferences as a learner

2. Match

We match you with another student in the same course who we think you'd enjoy learning with

3. Schedule

We put you in a WhatsApp group to introduce you and help you schedule the first meeting

4. Learn

We provide a scientifically proven agenda to guide your sessions to ensure productivity

Learning in groups massively helped with my studies and improved my grades. The key is to have structured group learning sessions with the right people. Realizing this has helped me maintain a 1,1 GPA and consistently rank in the top 3 out of 500 students in my studies. MatchNLearn is a system that I wish existed when I started my studies at TUM.

Tiger Guo

Bachelor in TUM-BWL 6th Semester

We are three TUM students

Before the lockdown, I met other students in courses (on campus) and formed study groups with them. This helped a lot in courses where support was lacking. When COVID hit, you hardly meet new people through out the semester. We hope to help students establish their support network during the pandemic.
At the beginning of my studies, I made the mistake of trying to learn alone for all the subjects. After the 2nd Semester I started learning in groups. My grades and understanding in each lecture improved. With MatchNLearn, we want to encourage more collaborative learning among students.
In the first semester at the TUM, I wanted someone to discuss the lectures with, but it was hard connecting with people in the online lectures. Fortunately, I discovered MatchNLearn, and it matched me into a study-group. I decided to be part of the MatchNLearn-Team where I can help to connect more students.

Effective Learning
Supported By Science

Literature shows that active discussion-based learning leads to improvements in critical thinking, understanding, and awareness of application. Interestingly, teaching peers is shown to provide the highest learning gains. Also, we developed a matching algorithm based on research to ensure that you get matched with people who are suitable to you.